Return of The Fried Frog

March 7, 2013

I’ve lost count of the number of schools I’ve read at over the last few years. Haven’t had the time to document them. But today was extra special, at the Udayachal School in Vikhroli, Mumbai. Incredible kids, who gave me a ‘welcome’ and ‘thank you’ in poetry and song that made my jaw drop, such energy and laughter and intelligence in the atmosphere, all these 10 year-olds and their teachers loving every minute of the poetry, so much so, that I felt newly charged, as I do every time I encounter the young uns for whom The Fried Frog was originally written, way back in 2009 (and it delights me to say – reprinted several times since – those who still say poetry doesn’t sell, no one reads it, should come to a few schools with me!). Here, then, are a few photos of the event.










  1. Loved this – the pictures and the story! Now to get hold of my own copy of “The Fried Frog”….Who is the publisher?

  2. This is so nice 🙂 looks like much fun. I will go get my copy the next I visit the bookshop. Your books, Ivan’s book, Indu’s book….wow my bookshelf is growing!

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