A new review of Dirty Love

May 1, 2013

Rimi B. Chatterjee writes in Kindle Magazine:

Sampurna Chattarji is branching out in all directions. She started as a poet, got a novel under her belt and is now rocking the short story scene. Her voice is mordant, expressive and very very sharp, and you would be well advised never to take your eyes off her, because she can turn on you like a snake. After so many decades of insipid, hand-wringing, upper middle class Indian Writing in English, it’s good to have a bandsaw like Chattarji come along and saw the medium in half. As the book draws to a close, the ripped seams of modern life fall neatly back together again, the audience cheers, the magician bows, applause and curtains. Another show worth watching hits the road, thank God. IWE will be all the better for it.

Read the full review here


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