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July 27, 2015

…to have Jai Arjun Singh bring to my notice his wonderful piece on two YA novels, one of which is my very own Ela!



July 24, 2015

My dad’s new book is out. Recommended for students, architects (so said my friend, a professor of architecture!), journalists, all adults who are still grappling with the moodiness, the muddiness of English grammar. Here’s where we talk about it – and other matters!

And here’s some coverage in the DNA:

DNA article



Space Gulliver in Bangalore

July 2, 2015

After tramping around in some of the the most interesting parts of the United Kingdom, on Friday, 3rd July, Space Gulliver lands in Bangalore. Do come and meet her!

Space Gulliver in Bangalore

And read about the event in The Hindu