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Space Gulliver in conversation

June 17, 2017




In which Mustansir Dalvi gets me to talk about my latest book Space Gulliver (HarperCollins) on his eclectic blog:


A sort of birthday-song

May 6, 2016

I wrote this piece in the strangest mood. I wanted to celebrate the work of Junoon, of people I’ve loved as we’ve journeyed together in working for and within and across the arts;  simultaneously I wanted to lament what was then going on (students in jail for supposed sedition, a darkness around me and in my heart). So this is the shape it took, and I sent it off as a sort of gift. It makes me happy that it’s up on the Junoon blog. And happier that at least some of the darknesses cleared, even as new clouds moved in.


Space Gulliver is available online

October 26, 2015

On Amazon


Space Gulliver in Kolkata

September 23, 2015



Celebrating ‘Selected Poems’

August 12, 2015

Finally, an event in Bombay, to celebrate the publication of my translation of Joy Goswami’s Selected Poems from Harper Perennial. Made doubly special by the fact that August 17th is my dad’s 81st birthday. The book is dedicated to him.

Joy Goswami invite



July 27, 2015

…to have Jai Arjun Singh bring to my notice his wonderful piece on two YA novels, one of which is my very own Ela!



July 24, 2015

My dad’s new book is out. Recommended for students, architects (so said my friend, a professor of architecture!), journalists, all adults who are still grappling with the moodiness, the muddiness of English grammar. Here’s where we talk about it – and other matters!

And here’s some coverage in the DNA:

DNA article