Space Gulliver is available online

October 26, 2015

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Space Gulliver in Kolkata

September 23, 2015



Celebrating ‘Selected Poems’

August 12, 2015

Finally, an event in Bombay, to celebrate the publication of my translation of Joy Goswami’s Selected Poems from Harper Perennial. Made doubly special by the fact that August 17th is my dad’s 81st birthday. The book is dedicated to him.

Joy Goswami invite



July 27, 2015

…to have Jai Arjun Singh bring to my notice his wonderful piece on two YA novels, one of which is my very own Ela!



July 24, 2015

My dad’s new book is out. Recommended for students, architects (so said my friend, a professor of architecture!), journalists, all adults who are still grappling with the moodiness, the muddiness of English grammar. Here’s where we talk about it – and other matters!

And here’s some coverage in the DNA:

DNA article



Space Gulliver in Bangalore

July 2, 2015

After tramping around in some of the the most interesting parts of the United Kingdom, on Friday, 3rd July, Space Gulliver lands in Bangalore. Do come and meet her!

Space Gulliver in Bangalore

And read about the event in The Hindu


Space Gulliver is out!

June 28, 2015

It’s been a while. Since my last poetry book. (My last paper-poetry book that is, my e-poetry book The Scorpion came out in 2013). 5 years to be precise. So much has happened in between (Land of the Well, Dirty Love, my translation of the Selected Poems of Joy Goswami, Ela…) that it hasn’t felt like 5 years. Space Gulliver’s been with me through thick and thin, returning like the true visitant that she is. And now she’s found a permanent home. Her own book to live in. Just out from HarperCollins (bless you for publishing poetry!) – and my first reading in India is scheduled this Friday, in Bangalore.

I wrote this book while on residency at the University of Kent, Canterbury, 2012. So it was fitting that the first ever reading from it should have happened at the University of Kent in Canterbury on 27th May 2015. Poets and professors David Herd and Nancy Gaffield launched the book, Lyn Innes, Jan Montefiore were there, friends, faculty, fellow-poets, post-grad students and regulars at the UKC Reading Series came. It was very very special. Here are some pictures of that unforgettable evening.

David Herd & Nancy Gaffield launch Space Gulliver







Earlier that same week I had the privilege of reading at Ten for PEN organised by Sally Baker and Owen Sheers, at the Hay Festival. I shared a platform with Gillian Clarke, National Poet of Wales, whom I have met twice before, once in Bombay and once in Aberystwyth. It felt like a reunion and we read poems for each other! I included in my set a poem from Space Gulliver, then still unofficially lurking in the fringes, hiding in knapsacks and being read on buses by fellow poets. Here are some photos featuring Gillian, myself, Owen Sheers, Jonathan Edwards, Ranjit Hoskote (both of whom were part of the Walking Cities project with me, about which more later).


With Owen Sheers

With Gillian Clarke and Jonathan Edwards

With Space Gulliver